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A post about Money Mindset on a textile art blog…. Sue have you gone mad?

Well… when we are in business, the basic elements are very straightforward. We offer a thing for sale and people buy that thing and we earn money. If we want more money we sell more things. And that thing can, of course, be a physical product, some artwork, or an intangible thing like coaching or an online course.

And we also have it drilled into us that to get more money we have to work harder.

But that isn’t really true…

Over the last few months I have (finally) started to dig into my money mindset and it’s been an absolute eye-opener I have to say. I’ve always thought ‘all that sort of stuff’ was just a load of waffle mumbo jumbo but I have come to the realisation that it really isn’t.

So rather than me waffle on about something that I’m discovering myself, I would like to share more about the great coach who has helped me to understand much more about money mindset and the impact it’s having on my business.

Rachel Smith is known as The Business Grower and she runs the really FAB 5K Club that I joined earlier this year. It’s nothing to do with running by the way 🙂

Anyway, she is running a series of monthly Wealth Workshops that I thought you would find interesting and useful.

So here is her blog post about the Wealth Workshops, and our money beliefs.

Why not pop over and have a read? I can guarantee that you will be nodding your head at several places in her post.

And if that’s the case… will I see you at the Wealth Workshops soon?

I’m cheering us all on as we grow our businesses.

Sue xxx