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Unlock Your Profits: 7 Steps To Turn Your In-Person Classes Into Online Money Makers

  • When you make an on-demand version of your in-person classes (NOT ZOOM OR LIVESTREAMING)
  • you can reach and teach many more people than is possible with your in-person classes.
  • Your students can study when they want
  • They can replay a video over and over whilst they learn and practice
  • You free up your time

I'm Susan Weeks, the Crafty Course Profit Booster,

If you are here, you probably know me as the host of  Stitchery Stories, the globally popular textile art podcast since 2017.

BUT in my main business, I am the Crafty Course Profit Booster. And really, I'm as rare as a unicorn, and I'm here to help you transform your creative business.

 If I was a Venn diagram, you would see 3 colourful circles. Technology. Training. Textile Art.

susan weeks the crafty course profit booster

It makes me so sad to see so many creative women let fear of 'the techy stuff' hold them back.

Through my corporate technology training career and 12 years running my online business, I've made it my mission to refine my tech training skills.

I've taught thousands of people from around the world, the skills they need to transform their career, business and lives.

From running my podcast, add in my deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by textile artists, makers, and crafters. That's where the magic happens.

I teach creative people how to create a profitable online on-demand version of their popular in-person craft classes. Even if, they are scared of the techy stuff. And this is NOT using Zoom or Livestreaming.

This is online course creation made faster & easier. Make it once. Sell over and over and over....

  • Cut through your learning curve. 
  • Follow a plan that works. 
  • Learn all the techy stuff too. 

And crank out your course!

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