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About This Website

Effective From May23rd 2018

I am Susan Weeks, and I am the creator and host of the Stitchery Stories embroidery and textile art podcast.

I am a podcast producer and online marketing trainer and mentor. You can find more about me at

This website address is:

I provide this website so that it is easy to listen to the podcast episodes.

It is a very simple informational website. This Privacy Policy is also therefore very simple, written with my typical website visitor & podcast listener in mind.

I provide images of each guest’s work. They provide those images to me and I have their permission to create a Stitchery Stories branded image version for the purposes of showing their work on the Stitchery Stories website, and for sharing on social media, particularly on Instagram.

I provide links to each guest’s website or social media profiles. Links were tested and correct when I posted them… but I can’t be responsible for what happens when you leave my this site. It’s the internet – things change, we all know that – right? 🙂

What personal data I collect and why I collect it

The only personal data that I collect is if you sign up to the Stitchery Stories Fan Club.

I store whatever First Name you entered onto the form, and whatever Email Address you entered onto the form.

These details are stored in a list within Mailchimp, a leading email marketing tool.

You have to confirm those details via clicking on a link in an email before you are actually added to the list. This is known as ‘Double Opt-in’.

It is very clear on the page where you decide to sign up for the Fan Club that this is an easy way to keep you informed when a new podcast  episode has been released. Typically a new episode comes out once per week, on a Wednesday.

I also make it very clear that in the newsletter, you may receive news around the podcast, embroidery and textile art, guest’s special offers, information about guest’s upcoming exhibitions or books. I say you ‘may’ receive those types of information because I don’t actually have a great deal of time to create the Fan Club newsletter every week, and rarely get round to putting anything else in it anyway!

I store this information under the legal grounds of consent. You are asking me to send the newsletter, and I have stated clearly what is in the newsletter. I do this extra work to make it easy for you to be informed when a new episode is released and to help you keep up-to-date with relevant information about my guests and our shared hobby.

Please be assured that I will never share or pass on your name and email to anyone else.

And please be assured that I will only email you about things relevant to the podcast, guests, embroidery & textile art, in the Fan Club weekly newsletter. You can of course always unsubscribe from the Fan Club newsletter at any time, and there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.


Cookies are small pieces of information, letters and numbers actually, that websites use to help them work better, to help you use the website better, or to collect information about what you are doing. Most websites use cookies in one way or another – some good, some not so good. Some cookies can actually identify you, others just collect what you were doing on a website, but you can’t be identified at all from that information.

This website only collects cookies from some very common website analytics software called Google Analytics. Most websites use Google Analytics. We have been using it for years.

This helps me to understand how my website visitors use my website, such as how you found it, where you came from, how long you visited, what you did while you visited. All this information is jumbled up together to give me trends and statistics about how my visitors use this website. In no way can you be identified by any of those cookies.

And the only other place where cookies are set is when you click on Social Sharing buttons which log you into your social media accounts and then those accounts set cookies. It is not my site doing that, but your social media accounts.

When you visit my website, you will be clearly told that the website uses cookies and you will have to opportunity to go and check the cookies policy and decide what you want the website to do with cookies. You will see this on just about every website that you visit. Ironically, this will set a cookie about cookies!

More than likely you will just ignore all this stuff that we have to do these days,  and just go and listen to the latest Stitchery Stories chat and get on with your sewing. That’s what I want to go and do right now 🙂