susan weeks online course creator and online technology trainer

Online courses for textile artists, embroidery experts, crafty creative business owners

My core business is selling online courses for textile artists. They have been specifically developed with the unique needs of textile artists in mind. And of course embroidery experts and crafty creative business owners too! I also offer mentoring ‘pick my brain’ 1-2-1 sessions too.

All of these online courses are also very suitable for any online business owner who is worried about technology and doesn’t know where to start in learning an important new online techy tool that their business desperately needs.

I teach you exactly what do do and how to do it. I suggest simple technology, with no surprisingly large monthly subscriptions.

All my courses are designed to guide you step-by-step with practical advice and clear on-screen demonstrations. They are properly planned out, accurately edited and there is absolutely no mouse whizzing either LOL

To discover more please check out my online training ‘school’

If you want to create an online course BUT you’re faffing about ‘cos you don’t know where to even start… then I’ve a blog post you’ll want to read and a FREE offer to help you too!

Don’t let technology get in your way!

I’m here to help.