If you want to be a podcast guest on Stitchery Stories podcast then you are most welcome.

It’s a friendly chat about a subject we all love. You love your work, and textile art & embroidery…. and so do I.

It is an AUDIO only interview so you don’t have to worry about videos and all that. No-one will see you! But they will LOVE to listen to you.

And it is also PRE-RECORDED so no pressure of a ‘live’ performance! We will record out chat via the internet, so no travelling about either.

It might feel scary at first but honestly everyone feels that way at first but we soon get into the swing of things and its a very enjoyable half hour. I felt scared the first time I was a podcast guest last year, but I did it anyway and found that, surprisingly, I rather enjoyed the experience.

So gone on…Be Brave… and drop me an email at hello@stitcherystories.com.

  • Tell me a bit about yourself,
  • your textile art specialty,
  • what you would like to talk about,
  • your website URL,
  • and where it’s best to find you on social media (Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn… )

I’ll be back in touch, and we can organise a quick chat to answer any of your questions.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you

Cheers, Susan