Ann Small: Layered Cloth and Quirky Characters

Today on the Stitchery Stories textile art podcast, Ann Small shares her techniques, inspiration and current excitement. Describing herself as a typical Pisces swimming in opposite directions…

Ann does indeed have 2 very different aspects to her work and creativity. There are her colourful reverse applique based, large hangings which she describes as her serious textile art work. Then there are her very individual character dolls which she makes to look very old. These are her ‘fun’ outlets for her creativity.

Continue reading to discover the highlights of our chat and to see examples of  Ann’s work … 

Listen as Ann explains how the serious and the fun aspects of her work have evolved.

Susan Weeks chats with Ann about:

  • Being taken over by making character dolls
  • Using bones to make other characters
  • Always making something in a creative household
  • From sparkly tap dance costumes for daughters into a fancy dress costume business
  • From book idea to book publication
  • Fancy dress to historical costume and workshops
  • Does anyone love the M25?
  • Inspirations all around including the patterns on your cat!
  • Reverse applique as a strong foundation to ‘serious work’
  • Fun vs serious work
  • The story of Mowgli’s toys
  • Being visible so prospective buyers find your art
  • When art goes up in flames
  • Planning for exhibitions
  • Planning how to hang your exhibition space at large shows
  • Winged cats… wings off, wings on.. what’s next?
Ann Small Stitchery Stories Textile Art Podcast Guest
Ann Small Stitchery Stories Textile Art Podcast Guest




Read: Layered Cloth published by Search Press