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As we head towards Christmas 2020, Sue Weeks, from Stitchery Stories embroidery and textile art podcast, shares her Christmas Greetings.

Sue is searching for your inspiring 2020 Stitchery Highlights to share in a special Highlights episode for the last day of 2020.

She knows that they are out there – let’s share our creativity and positivity and celebrate what we HAVE achieved in this very weird year.

Please send your 2020 embroidery and textile art highlights to hello @ stitcherystories dot com

(Obvs I’ve spread out the email address and said the word dot instead of using a dot just to try and avoid a ton of spam – my contact form has gone missing – another thing to add to the to-do list 🙂 )

Stitchery Stories textile art podcast host Susan Weeks

And then to round off with some silliness, Sue shares her embroidery version of the 12 Days Of Christmas.

Yes, it’s the 12 Embroideries Of Christmas! No poultry, milking maids or leaping lords in this version!

Here is the last verse with all of the 12 ‘items’ listed ‘cos its all quite a mouthful isn’t it!

On the twelfth day of christmas I tried embroidery
twelve couching doodles
eleven buttonhole borders
ten lines of stem stitch
nine chain stitch circles
eight fly stitch flowers
seven big back stitches
six satin stitch squares
I tried gold work
four hand dyed threads
three french knots
two running stitches
and I joined the embroiderers guild

Enjoy your festive holiday break and celebrations, as and when you can, with what you have, and with as much sparkle and positivity and love as you can summon.

Happy Christmas,

Cheers, Sue xxx

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And here is a Gallery of the individual images.