Dr. Jack Roberts

 also known as JPR Stitch, is a fine artist specializing in freehand machine embroidery, creating stunning abstract shapes from dense, intricate webs of stitches.

His art reflects the calmness and tranquility he experiences while stitching, making sewing his form of meditation. Jack shares insights into his artistic journey, current projects, and unique approaches to displaying his work.

A key topic is Jack's 'quest'... seeking balance between simplicity and complexity, in his art, his practice, and in his life. Plenty of illuminating yet refreshing ideas, particularly around removing our own self-inflicted barriers to creativity, and indeed, everything else we do when apparently we are chasing our dreams!


In this episode of Stitchery Stories embroidery and textile art podcast, host Susan Weeks chats with Jack about:

Daily Stitch Drawings: Jack's innovative practice of creating small stitch artworks daily since November last year as a counterbalance to his larger, time-consuming pieces.

Project Evolution: How his daily stitch drawings evolved to include more space and organic shapes as he became more comfortable with the process.

Display Challenges: The creative solutions Jack developed for displaying his daily stitch drawings, including a calendar mechanism and "towers of stitch" to represent the passage of time.

Artistic Inspiration: Flipping the influence of Jack's extensive immersion in the art world on his embroidery practice.

Creative Journey: The challenges and rewards of maintaining a daily art practice and how it contributes to Jack's overall artistic growth.

Personal Reflection: How Jack’s artworks serve as a reflection of his emotional state on any given day, showcasing the importance of balance in his life and art.

Travel Adaptations: Jack's strategies for continuing his daily stitch practice while traveling

Sewing as Meditation: The meditative and calming effects of sewing on Jack, and how this mindfulness is expressed through his intricate and organic stitching patterns.

Removing barriers and saying No: How to make it as easy as possible to get started...

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