It’s amazing how fast time flies, and I’ve ‘been meaning’ to pop in here and write an update post for quite a while now. Anyway, here we are mid January 2022 and not a squeak out of Stitchery Stories for months. What’s been going on I’m asked!

Let’s wind back to Summer 2021.

I decided to take a break from the podcast and also took some summer holiday time out from my business too. It was my intention to launch ‘season 5’ as I called it in September 2021, and started lining up some truly fab guests. I know I say that every time don’t I? But it’s true – they are all fab!

I was also very busy in my business. I had a couple of training courses to create and was determined to hit the end of 2021 with all the infrastructure and changes in place for my business to truly flourish and grow in 2022. I’ve been in business since 2010, providing online marketing & podcasting services to other business owners. But the last couple of years have been significant in deciding a new niche and building everything I needed to create and run my business based around selling my online courses. A lot to unpick and re-build and work on.

No Time For Podcasting

I finally got the episode featuring Nikki Parmenter out at the end of September and had to admit to myself that I just couldn’t spend the time that my podcast needed. I had one other episode recorded with Jennie-maree Tempest and decided to not schedule anymore for the time being. I HAD to focus on my business.

I have never ‘monetised’ my podcast, it doesn’t earn me any money at all. It costs me money to host and for all the online stuff, and all my time too of course. I’ve never really liked the idea of advertising on it, and although there are plenty of other ways to possibly earn money from a podcast, I just don’t have the time to spend on it at the moment. The best way for me to monetise Stitchery Stories is by attracting professional textile artists to work with me and buy my courses, as they in turn evolve and grow their businesses.

So that’s what I have been doing.

Online Courses For Arty, Crafty Business Owners!

I have built a range of online courses, aimed at arty, crafty practical business owners to help them learn how to build, launch & market an online course. I am very passionate that my courses truly do teach you everything you need to know to get a course up and running. And I am known for my skills as a tech trainer, specifically helping ‘older’ 🙂 creative business owners learn the tech in easy, friendly, supportive step by steps. All my years of skills, experience, and my hobby all come together, and it’s very satisfying.

You can see what I am doing over at and from there you can see my directory of courses. I’m still building out the website, and still have courses to add into my online school too.

If this sounds ‘right up your street’ and you’ve been thinking about creating an online course for ages and not getting any further, then perhaps it’s time you had a chat with me, and got some proper help from someone who understands your art and your fears. And please do share with a friend if you think I can help them in any way!

I have more things to achieve during Quarter 1 of 2022 and then I will review where I am in April, after an Easter break.

I hope to get back into podcasting ‘cos I LOVE doing Stitchery Stories and it’s been such an unexpected surprise to my professional career that it has given me and hundreds of thousands of people around the world such JOY.

In the meanwhile, I hope you are enjoying your stitching. Sadly, I’ve done very little of that either, but am ever hopeful of carving out more time to enjoy it once again.

Cheers, Sue xxx