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Kate Tume is the guest today on the Stitchery Stories podcast, where she shares how she creates powerful art from embroidery and textile art techniques to highlight the devastation of species loss and the destruction of our natural world.

Susan Weeks chats with Kate about:

  • What is an artists residency
  • The luxury of focusing on art and nothing else
  • Toucans, scorpions, iguanas, halloween crabs
  • The stories behind endangered creatures
  • Developing a distinctive style to highlight the impact of species loss
  • What is special, revered, hallowed?
  • Corona virus in a chat about embroidery?
  • School art squashing the desire to be artistic
  • Another corporate escapee desperate for creativity
  • When do you ‘own’ that you ARE an artist?
  • Where did ‘Mother Eagle’ come from?
  • Pushing boundaries with materials
  • Collecting rejections

Kate Tume Stitchery Stories Podcast Guest 

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