Nikki Parmenter guest Stitchery Stories textile art podcast Wide Art

Today on the Stitchery Stories textile art podcast, Nikki Parmenter shares her life in fabric & thread. But Nikki doesn’t limit herself to ‘just’ fabric and thread! She loves to use a wide range of interesting materials too! You will be surprised when she shares what she used to make this piece named ‘Angelus’.

She chats with Susan Weeks about the wide range of inspirations and materials that she uses to create her large scale art. And although Nikki has a Fine Art background, she is very much self-taught when it comes to incorporating textiles and embroidery into the mix! Plenty of experimenting has developed a vivid and exuberant style.

Nikki Parmenter guest artist on Stitchery Stories textile art podcast

Nikki ‘escaped’ the world of education back in 2016 but her absolute delight in teaching people still shines through everything that she does, and teaching is still an important aspect of her art practice.

In fact, as the global pandemic took hold, and everything was cancelled, Nikki carried on experimenting, and moved online, becoming very visible, and offering online workshops and talks via Zoom rather than the traditional ‘in-person’ approach. She shares plenty of tips and insight into how she did that, and the results she has generated.

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