Ami James Returns guest Stitchery Stories textile art podcast Wide Art

Ami James returns to Stitchery Stories today with a very positive message to share with us as we adjust to life ‘under lockdown’. Ami was an early guest on Stitchery Stories back in October 2017 when we chatted about how textile art had changed her life after her diagnosis of bipolar disorder. It’s been a very busy couple of years for Ami since then, with, sadly, several painful, personal situations to deal with. Yet here she is, pushing forward and helping others deal with anxiety through mindful stitching, as well as an interesting collaboration with a life coach.

Our chat turns to what Ami has been doing online to stay connected with her in-person classes and to encourage those who are suffering from anxiety caused by our global situation of fear, isolation and financial worries too.

Susan Weeks chats with Ami about:

  • Keeping anxiety at bay with quilting
  • Ami’s mental health journey from bipolar diagnosis to her recent discharge from mental health services
  • Being brave and doing live videos on Facebook
  • Stepping up and helping others deal with their anxiety through mindful crafts
  • Doing Facebook live tutorials
  • Getting round to running courses online
  • Sue talks about Zoom video conferencing
  • Taking part in an online ‘Zoom’ class is easy – honestly!
  • Collaborating with a friend who is a life coach
  • Is the secret to all of this ‘hand eye coordination’?
  • “… an internet sensation…”
  • Planning for a more resilient future
  • Should we be giving away our knowledge for free at the moment?





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