Jane Austen Embroidery, the newly published book from Pavilion Books, created by Jennie Batchelor and Alison Larkin is the subject of this episode of the Stitchery Stories embroidery podcast. Both of these talented ladies are my friends and I have followed this book project closely over the last 3 years! Alison was my first ever (brave) guest on Stitchery Stories, and Jennie was guest number six.

This is a truly gorgeous book, and will attract stitchers of all levels, as well as fans of Jane Austen. It brings together 18th century embroidery patterns, re-imagined into modern embroidery projects. A delightful addition is the quotes from Jane Austen’s novels and letters, as well as illustrations and beautiful photography.

So I dig behind the stitches and words to highlight the interesting stories shared by Alison and Jennie.

Susan Weeks chats with Jennie and Alison about:

  • The Lady’s Magazine and the embroidery patterns within
  • The story of how Jane Austen Embroidery was ‘born’
  • A friendship started on Twitter
  • “we should write a book!!!”
  • Connecting Jane Austen, The Lady’s Magazine and 18th century embroidery
  • You did WHAT with those patterns, Sue!
  • The range of creativity the patterns have sparked
  • The typical stitches used in the book projects
  • What level of skill is needed for the book projects
  • Building a community of stitching friends around the world
  • Bringing together research, writing, quotes, illustrations, photography… and of course, embroidery!
  • Book launch plans

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