Dr Jennie Batchelor: The Great Lady’s Magazine Stitch-Off

Today on the Stitchery Stories podcast, Dr Jennie Batchelor, shares her research on the embroidery patterns created for The Lady’s Magazine published in the 18th & 19th centuries. She chats with Susan Weeks about how her 18th century magazine research project at the University Of Kent sparked enthusiasm & creativity in 21st century embroiderers & textile artists as they joined in The Great Lady’s Magazine Stitch Off.

Continue reading to discover highlights of our chat and to see examples of the patterns and work created from them.

Susan chats with Jennie about:

  • Embroidery patterns in the 18th century The Lady’s Magazine
  • Waiting & waiting to actually see an embroidery pattern
  • How the patterns took off via social media
  • Generating global interest
  • What! NO instructions!
  • The Great Lady’s Magazine Stitch-off
  • Embroidery exhibition at Chawton House
  • Did Jane Austin ever sew one of the Lady’s Magazine embroidery patterns?
  • What was learnt about the embroidery patterns & the skills of the 18th century embroiderers
  • Creating a virtual community of stitchers
Dr Jennie Batchelor Professor of Eighteenth-Century Studies
Dr Jennie Batchelor Professor of Eighteenth-Century Studies

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The Patterns: https://www.kent.ac.uk/english/ladys-magazine/patterns/index.html