Bridget Bernadette Karn: Artist Using Wool To Make Felt Pictures

Bridget Bernadette Karn: Artist Using Wool To Make Felt Pictures.

Today on the Stitchery Stories podcast, Bridget Bernadette Karn Shares Her Life In Wool & Felt. She chats with Susan Weeks about discovering wet felting and creating a business based around that newly discovered love, leading to being selected for the Royal Academy Of Arts Summer Exhibition. A beautiful video which spotlights Bridget and her art has been a powerful tool in attracting worldwide interest in Bridget’s art and has led to Bridget creating her first online course which launched in July 2017.

Continue reading to discover the highlights of our chat and to see examples of Bridget’s work. 

Susan Weeks chats with Bridget about:

  • Discovering wet felting at her craft club
  • Seeing the potential to create a business
  • The power of video for generating interest, leads & customers
  • Building a lifestyle business
  • Valuing quality of life
  • The pressure to have a ‘proper’ job
  • Developing our creative skills
  • Pre-felt, dry felt, needle felt and adding the details
  • Gaining acceptance & understanding
  • Creating an online course
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Artist In Residence Boston Spa Arts Festival:


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