Stitchery Stories blog post announces stitchery courses launch

Welcome to Stitchery Courses

Launching in February 2024, founded by Susan Weeks, the host of Stitchery Stories textile art podcast.

I’ve decided to make it much easier for you to search for and find all those fabulous expert tutors who teach stitching, making & creativity with fabric & thread. Bring them all together inside a unique directory. Organise it so YOU CAN FIND THEM faster and easier than endless searching through the internet. It will include tutors who teach ONLINE as well as IN-PERSON, and focus is always on skills, crafts, talks & events around Textile Art & Embroidery, Quilting & Patchwork, Felting, Sewing, Dressmaking & More!

How Does Stitchery Courses Work?

There are TWO ‘sides’ to this. EXPERT TUTORS & DIRECTORY USERS

EXPERT TUTORS signup to be listed within Stitchery Courses. The directory grows as more & more tutors are listed. If you are a tutor, this will develop into a valuable place to attract more customers to your courses, classes & talks. You are NOT going to ‘load up’ courses and tons of listings. Just create ONE listing for YOU as the expert. Your courses stay listed on your site, you are not loading them on here or maintaining loads of information that can frequently change! We will market this site to attract the enthusiasts who want to learn crafts & techniques using fabric & thread. This directory puts your creative business in front of new perfect potential customers.

If you want to jump in as we launch and GET LISTED you can grab a limited, super valuable (and never to be repeated) EARLYBIRD offer. Simply sign up to the NEWSLETTER and make sure you tick the box so I know to send you the details as soon as the ‘doors open’.

DIRECTORY USERS visit the site. They use the powerful search feature to easily discover those expert tutors who teach the topics they want to learn. You can easily compare tutors and contact them directly. You can of course, click through to their website to learn more and buy their courses and classes. We are not included in the sales process. You buy directly from the tutor through their website. Your contract and sale is ENTIRELY with them, NOT STITCHERY COURSES.

The Directory will keep growing as more tutors jump on board, so do keep popping back to see who is here!

You can search in TWO ways on here.

SEARCH BY TOPIC: Maybe you want to learn a specific technique or skill. You’ll find online & in-person classes.

SEARCH BY LOCATION: Maybe you want to know who runs classes in your local area. Or in an area where you fancy a holiday or short break?

PLUS Regular Newsletter

If you want to keep up-to-date with who is listed on Stitchery Courses, the newsletter will be a handy place to discover news, offers and events.



Please tell your friends and groups about Stitchery Courses and enjoy learning new skills from the fabulous expert tutors listed here.

And if you have any questions about Stitchery Courses then please drop me a note here