Stitchery Stories blog post 2023 review

Crickey I didn’t appear to have much to say about Stitchery Stories 2023 did I? Well that’s what you would think if you landed here and saw the last blog post was a review of 2022. Yikes!

It was a very busy year as I focused on my income generating online course training business, and sadly this textile art podcast got pushed onto the back burner. I started ok getting a few guests organised and cracked on with the recordings, feeling quite pleased with myself. And then after about April, I just didn’t allocate any time to this. I even had some recordings that just sat gathering dust in my computer.

I finally got those 2 out into the world towards the end of the year, and they were such lovely episodes I felt very guilty that I hadn’t published them sooner. I even went back to each of the last 2 guests and organised an update recording. As it turned out – the 6 month delay worked out well for both of them as they had been really busy during that time and had such exciting news to update me with. Their plans and efforts in 2023 had really worked out well.

So why the delay and lack of textile art podcasting action?

Honestly I was feeling a bit discouraged with all the work that my podcast required to keep it going, and I was wondering if it was really worth it. I had to find a way to ‘monetize’ it as they say. How could it bring in some more income for me?

Now I do know that most of my online course creation students had discovered me through the podcast so it has earned some money.

But I knew that with some creative thought and probably some changes, I could make it work as a consistent way to generate an audience for a simpler business model. I have given this challenge a great deal of thought, particularly over the Christmas period of 2023.

And I’ve thought of something that I think is going to work really well, and which puts Stitchery Stories into the heart of my business.

I’m going to write about that in the next post. I’m still working out details but a plan is coming together.

Heading into 2024 for Stitchery Stories

And as we hurtle through January 2024, I have at least one guest booked in ready to record. I have several in the pipeline, and the podcast will restart therefore in February 2024.

And finally, thank you to my lovely guests on Stitchery Stories 2023. There were 10 of you, and crickey the last four waited ages for me to produce your episodes. But your episodes were all fabulous.

Hannah Thompson

Holly Jackson

Jayne Emerson

Emma Horan

Looking forward to an interesting year with a new business model and renewed energy to keep Stitchery Stories shining bright and entertaining you whilst you get creative with fabric, thread, or whatever you enjoy doing whilst you listen!

Cheers, sue xxx