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Textile artist Holly Jackson shares her recent journey in developing her art career.

Developing her ‘sneaky’ stumpwork embroidery using modern materials and mixed media, there are plenty of exciting ‘firsts’ to celebrate with Holly!

We join Holly at the start of her first art exhibition. She shares her preparation and hopes from the show. We chat about her very interesting inspirations for her emerging body of work, and how she is developing her own ‘take’ on stumpwork, scaling it up, and using modern materials and mixed media to produce larger pieces, faster, yet still using hand embroidery.

Keep scrolling for gallery of Holly’s artwork!

Holly Jackson guest artist on Stitchery Stories textile art podcast

Susan Weeks chats with Holly about:

  • ‘There’s always one more thing!’
  • How she got started on her new artist career
  • The importance of getting in front of ‘new eyes’
  • Her preparations for her first ‘booth show’
  • The fascinating stories of the ‘hidden women’ behind historical Mardi Gras float designs
  • The impacts of flooding & climate change on her region
  • Developing ‘sneaky stumpwork’ techniques
  • Creating her own unique textile art style and ‘voice’
  • Creating a body of work, using series and collections
  • What’s next after the show?

For this episode…

Visit: https://flossinginthemoonlight.com/

Look: https://www.instagram.com/flossinginthemoonlight/

Other places & people we mentioned: 

Chesapeake bay, USA


Tulane University Carnival Collection https://digitallibrary.tulane.edu/islandora/object/tulane:p15140coll40

Jenny Adin-Christie


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