Lottie Cockell started her creative business Purple Rose Embroidery fresh out of school, and has been busy growing shaping her business over the last 5 years. With a love of ‘grid-based’ hand embroidery, Lottie focuses on cross-stitch, blackwork and surface embroidery kits.

She is keen to try new things in her business and will often dive into the deep-end of something, figure it out as she goes, then decide if it is a direction that is suitable for her business and her self. 

That’s the magic about running our own business…. WE GET TO CHOOSE what we do and how it works for US.

This is a fabulous and very inspiring story, and I’m so pleased I spotted Lottie’s colourful blackwork embroidery on Instagram, and never imagined the story that would be revealed! 

Lottie Cockell guest artist on Stitchery Stories textile art podcast

Susan Weeks chats with Lottie about:

  • Starting with hand embroidery commissions
  • Quickly evolving into designs & kits
  • Running her first stall ever at a high profile handmade event
  • Designing her kits
  • Encouraging and inspiring stitchers to have a go
  • Shaping her business to suit her personality and lifestyle
  • and so much more!

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