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Today we meet Claire Mort, an award-winning British textile artist who creates colourful and powerful pop art using hand embroidery. And if you read ‘Be Creative With Workbox’ magazine, then you will already know her from her column, ‘Morts Thoughts’.

Claire has an inspiring story and we discuss how opportunities come from the most extraordinary situations, and really that we need a mixture of joy and hope to carry us through the exciting adventure of life. Although we did cover some rather serious topics, we did it with humour and joy.

Susan Weeks chats with Claire about:

  • Stitching into bras
  • Inspiring women and their stories
  • The impact of the Corona virus ‘lockdown’
  • Assessing all aspects of her art business and to continue and adapt
  • Developing self-reliance and sustainability
  • The shortest exhibition in history!
  • Embroidery is an incredibly powerful tool
  • The influence of graphic design and the skills needed for online work
  • Opportunities come from extraordinary situations
  • Writing a magazine column
  • The delight of Instagram
  • Inspired by 70’s and 80’s UK kids cartoons
  • The joy of the handmade item – in all mediums
  • So much to be learnt from playing
  • The battle with our inner critic
  • Courage and hope
  • Wondering how to start creating an online course

Claire Mort Stitchery Stories Podcast Guest



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