welcome to stitchery stories textile art blog

Welcome to the Stitchery Stories textile art blog. This is something I have had on my’to do’ list for quite a while, I have to admit. Anyway, here I am.

Why create a textile art blog?

It is my intention that this textile art blog compliments the podcast episodes. There is the opportunity to provide a wider exploration of interesting stuff around embroidery and textile art. I will share some personal posts on what I am working on. Highlight my local Embroiderer’s Guild activities. Perhaps some update posts on previous guests, or latest news on their exhibitions. Post offers on new kits, art for sale, books and articles perhaps.

Textile art business support

And I will be sharing some business related information to help those of you who are professional textile artists and embroiderers. Things crop up as part of my conversations in the podcast episodes, and I also get asked many questions too. I have a 30 year professional career history in technology and training. I have been running my own ‘virtual’ business for the last 10 years. And I have been a mentor with a global freelance training company, Freelance University, and I am currently their technology trainer. Lots of experience to share!

Online courses for textile artists

I know that as a result of these very troubling covid-19 times we are living in at the moment, that many artists have been greatly affected by corona virus lockdowns, across the world. Workshops, classes, shows and exhibitions have all been cancelled with a dramatic impact on income. You are turning to the internet to work out what can be done, how to get yourselves more visible perhaps, how to create online courses, how to get an online shop working. These are all things that I can help with, and uniquely too. I understand the art side, and I am an expert at the technology side. Not only that, I am known for creating online courses that are simple and practical. I break technical ‘stuff’ into easily understood and applied steps to apply into your business.

Stitchery Stories podcast at the heart of my business

All these reasons contribute into me now placing Stitchery Stories at the heart of my online business. My new focus will enable me to continue to entertain you, to share inspiring and creative guests with you. It will also enable me to help professional textile artists and embroidery experts to ‘get online’. Help you use the internet in a much more powerful and purposeful way, generate additional streams of income, and build a stronger future too. And that in turn supports me and my son. Its win, win, win.

I have plenty on my mind, my head is full of ideas, itching to creep out of my fingertips and into the Stitchery Stories textile art blog. Seems like I have plenty to share with you. But right now its Sunday evening, and I’m tired. It’s time to escape the computer, and go for a nice long bath. Oh, and think about the next textile art piece I want to start working on.