Georgina Bellamy: 3D Goldwork & Beaded Animals

Today on the Stitchery Stories embroidery podcast, Georgina Bellamy shares her life as a hand embroidery artist who specialises in creating truly gorgeous 3D goldwork and beaded animals.

Listen as Georgina shares her embroidery journey from working at a Dry Cleaners, through City & Guilds, a degree and then stepping out on her own and developing her embroidery brand and business. She shares stories that highlight the battle between creativity and commercial necessity and the challenges of teaching workshops around Europe. We also chat about being brave and being engaging on social media, particularly using live streaming and videos.

Continue reading to discover the highlights of our chat and to see examples of  Georgina’s work … 

Susan Weeks chats with Georgina about:

  • Teaching in various locations across Europe and getting very good at miming!
  • The benefits of working in themes
  • Doing live stream video to demonstrate techniques and build important engagement with followers
  • Following City & Guilds before University degree and learning from so many talented older ladies
  • Winning the Embroiderer’s Guild annual scholarship as a springboard for further opportunities to exhibit and grow her business
  • Struggling to settle with the lack of acknowledgement for her art and skill working within fashion studios
  • Taking brave steps to do her own thing and see what happened
  • The realisation that art needs a commercial aspect to it
  • The ideas and evolution behind the 3D goldwork beaded animals
  • Her love of working with the metal wires (purls) and pushing the limits of stumpwork
  • Creating work that makes you happy but in the context of a viable business
  • Proudly promoting traditional techniques and making them attractive to today’s market
  • International travel is not always a glamorous experience
  • The challenge of the human form …. and zombies!
Georgina Bellamy Stitchery Stories Textile Art Podcast Guest
Georgina Bellamy Stitchery Stories Textile Art Podcast Guest

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For more about the annual Embroiderer’s Guild Scholarship scheme: Embroiderers Guild Scholarship Scheme