Most textile artists and small business owners who want to do more business online, don’t know where to start!
And all the FREE information you discover doesn’t answer your questions, you feel confused, and it all seems to be SO difficult.
But DON’T WORRY! Susan Weeks will guide you through a plan that works, and teach you what to do.
So you CAN launch faster and easier with LESS STRESS and everything ready.

I thought it was about time that I shared a bit more about how I can help textile artists ‘do more stuff online!’

Textile art and embroidery is my hobby.

I have spent my corporate and self-employed career working with technology, developing computer systems for the automotive industry and global banking. But not only technology… training too plays a key role. Creating technical training courses, training IT graduates at a global investment bank, and creating a training department, training employees and new trainers. And my training experience continues as a key aspect of my self-employed journey. I am the technical trainer for a leading freelancer training company, and I have recently started selling my own online courses.

Who cares about all that?

Well it’s just to highlight that the 2 work things I really LOVE to do, I have been refining my skills in them for over 30 years, and I continue to learn. Every week I learn new stuff, and update my knowledge and skills as software and techniques and strategies update. I have been running my own 100% online business for over 10 years.
I do this so that I can be YOUR guide, and teach you how to use the best online programs, tools and apps to make your business life easier and more profitable.

Changing my business to support your textile art business

This post finds me in transition. If you find me in different places around the internet, you will see that the messaging, the details are all different. I’m making changes as I build my NEW business focus, and as we know, these things take time!

For the last couple of years I have been providing podcasting services and consultancy. Back in 2017 I launched my own podcast, Stitchery Stories, based around my hobby of textile art and embroidery. If you are reading this, you probably are one of my podcast listeners!

Stitchery Stories is a globally popular visual arts podcast!

And here we are today… Stitchery Stories is a globally popular podcast, and everyday can be found in the Apple Podcasts Top200 Visual Arts charts, in a variety of countries around the world. I have built an enthusiastic global audience and connected many textile artists with new fans around the world. I also LOVE doing it, although it costs me time, effort and money to keep it going. It needs to generate money now, otherwise I may have to stop creating it, which would be such a shame 🙁

So back in January 2020, I decided to make a brave leap and change.

I want to design and create a business that is sustainable, resilient , successful and enjoyable. Yes I’ve been in business over 10 years but I no longer want to be reliant on performing services for clients to earn money. No clients, no money. So I have put a LOT of thought and background work into creating what I want to move forwards. Business coaches talk about building a business around what we love to do, and although I love using technology, I also love my podcast, and textile art. I’m not interested in creating a business around my art ‘cos it’s not good enough, but how wonderful to be able to incorporate my love of textile art and my podcast into my business!

And so that is what I have decided to do. I decided to build my business AROUND my podcast and the audience I have grown, and offer my training and advice services to professional embroidery and textile artists. More and more of you have been ‘thinking about’ doing more business online, especially selling your own online training courses as well as selling more art online. I’m in a perfect place to help you.

Along came March 2020, and brought with it a global pandemic and ‘lock down’. Events, exhibitions, shows, workshops, retreats and classes were all cancelled. Businesses were closed, mothballed, and many business owners have had to adjust to a new and very different way of working. All that long distant ‘thinking about doing more online’ quickly turned into an URGENT business survival necessity. And I have been working flat-out to respond and build my new business to provide easy ways to help. So that is why my online world looks like a badly organised charity shop at the moment!

I am targeting professional textile artists but the courses and programs I am creating apply to all small business owners.

The main focus areas I will offer support are:

  • how to create an online course
  • how to run well-organised and professional virtual meetings and events
  • get to grips with email marketing
  • or even launch an ecommerce store
  • I have also launched a ‘brain picking’ service

You are in safe hands here

My business focus is new, but my skills have been honed over 30 years. You are in safe hands!

How To Create An Online Course

My ‘flagship’ course is “Crafty Online Course Creation” which teaches artists, makers, crafters, creatives, how to develop an online course. Yes it includes proper sensible tech training, and tons of my personal support with twice weekly live Q&A.
Other stuff is in the pipeline!

Oh… and when I escape my computer, I enjoy early morning runs along the seafront here on the East Yorkshire Coast, and occasionally, I find time to relax with my own embroidery and textile art too.

You can find me in a variety of online places.

I am developing this podcast website so it will be my hub for my online courses and services as they develop. I have started this blog, but I have a ton of stuff to do on this site. It’s a work in progress!

I have a couple of pages on Facebook, for the podcast
and or my growing training services.

You will find me on Instagram

@stitcherystories_podcast and also @susan.l.weeks for all my online course training content.

I am also planning on getting onto to Pinterest as the structure of boards is really suitable to help me organise my different online ‘hats’ showcase my guests, my work and my art and interests in one lovely place. Can’t wait to get started on that!

All My Courses Are Here:

The best place to see all the courses that I offer, is at my ‘online school’

If you are ‘wondering’ if and how I can help you… it’s easiest to just ask me to be honest!
Message me thru FB or Instagram and I am happy to help 🙂

So I hope that has given you some insight into who I serve, how I serve them, and how I can serve you. And given you some insight into my business journey, how I have changed along the way, and where my business is going now.

Lots to do but it’s going to be very exciting! And I’d love to help you survive and thrive too 🙂