Marna Lunt : Artist Using Bold Colour & Thread Instead Of Paint

Today on the Stitchery Stories embroidery and textile art podcast, Marna Lunt shares her life in fabric & thread. Marna is a fine artist turned hand embroidery artist who offers online embroidery courses, as well as one off original paintings, drawings, thread paintings, and contemporary embroidery.

Marna shares why she moved from painting, to painting with a needle and in our conversation, classical art and art history are a recurring subject. However, when family life meant that large-scale painting in oils wasn’t practical, Marna turned to fabric & thread for relaxation, therapy and to earn a living.

Continue reading to discover the highlights of our chat and to see examples of Marna’s work. 

Susan Weeks chats with Marna about:

  • Using thread in a painterly way
  • Taking part in Stitchtober & Threaduary
  • ‘Guiding Lights’… starting a conversation about inspirational women
  • Being a painter at heart
  • How she got started earning a living from her hand embroidery
  • Feeling overwhelmed with >80K followers
  • Inspirational Italian Renaissance painters
  • The North Yorkshire Moors – same scenes, different colours every day
  • Struggling with the idea of being called a textile artist
  • Including colours in skin tones
  • Applying fine art techniques to colour blending with stitches
  • Nobody can copy what is in your brain
  • Celebrating high points and daily achievements alike
  • Fitting stitching around her children’s care and family time

and much more…

Marna Lunt Stitchery Stories Textile Art Podcast Guest

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