May 2020 update Susan Weeks host Stitchery Stories embroidery podcast Wide Art

Today we hear from Susan Weeks, the host of Stitchery Stories. Susan shares her thoughts around the future direction for this globally popular textile art podcast. She also unveils a podcast listener survey that she would love everyone to complete. It’s anonymous, only takes a minute and will really help her understand and serve all you lovely listeners in a more powerful way.

And a key change is that Susan intends to put this podcast at the heart of her business, and focus on helping professional textile artists and embroidery artists with their quest and challenges around getting their businesses online, creating online courses and membership schemes, as well as selling stuff online too.

This is a perfect example where professional skills and years of experience meet a much loved hobby. Sue is very excited about how this can develop!

I TEACH textile artists how to use the best online programs, tools & apps to make their business life easier and more profitable.

With a focus on how to create online courses, set up e-commerce and leverage email marketing, I DO this via online courses and 1-2-1 training / mentoring sessions.

Susan chats about:

  • She loves to see what you are stitching and working on
  • How her online business skills and courses can support professional textile artists
  • Why she started this podcast
  • Exploring ways to earn revenue on the podcast as an essential part of her business
  • The ‘Free’ way vs the ‘headache-free’ way to develop your business
  • Is textile art & embroidery your hobby OR your business?
  • Please take part in the Stitchery Stories podcast listener survey
  • Also watch out for a survey for professional embroidery & textile artists
  • Exploring sponsorship and other revenue generation opportunities






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