Phillipa Turnbull is an expert on historic crewel embroidery and has spent the last 25 years building her embroidery business The Crewel Work Company, which sells exquisite crewel embroidery kits and organises luxury embroidery retreats.

Phillipa shares many inspiring stories around the ups and downs of building a business based around embroidery. She also shares her passion for ensuring that those of us who work in the creative arts and particularly embroidery and textile art are paid fairly for our creative endeavours. I think we are all with Phillipa on that one!

It was really interesting chatting with Phillipa about her business challenges and growth, and of course how she and her fabulous team have adapted their working practises so they can continue to send out crewel work kits throughout the coronavirus pandemic. In Phillipa’s case, it truly DOES take a village to keep the business moving forward.

Phillipa Turnbull Stitchery Stories Podcast Guest

Susan Weeks chats with Phillipa Turnbull in this episode of Stitchery Stories:

  • Giving back to the historic houses who inspire the crewelwork designs and kits
  • From doormats & livery stables to historic embroidery
  • Building long-term friendships over embroidery
  • Mother & daughter making a fabulous team with complimentary skills & personalities
  • Growing a sustainable embroidery business
  • Being passionate about ‘paying people properly’
  • Developing a love for crewelwork from watercolour painting
  • The unique qualities of embroidering with wool
  • Crewel work is so calming
  • Using good posture with needlework
  • Fabulously simple advice for capturing your original perspective on your topic
  • Recreating the 1619 costume of Lady Anne Clifford
  • Crossing over into the world of historic re-enactors Harnessing skills in your team to grow and benefit everyone






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