One of those ‘little jobs’ that has been sitting on my to do list has been setting up some way for happy listeners to support the ongoing creation of Stitchery Stories.

Anyway, since it was a rainy morning, and I didn’t fancy hoovering, I thought I would get this done… finally!

I have been creating episodes of Stitchery Stories for nearly 4 years and, to be honest, it does take up a lot of my time and effort. Each 40 minute episode does take at least 8 hours of my time on average. That includes,

  • looking for guests
  • researching guests
  • emails
  • booking a time for our recording session
  • setting up zoom
  • preparing for the recording
  • getting to know the guest before doing the recording
  • doing the recording
  • editing it
  • creating the episode artwork and all the variations for social media
  • producing the podcast
  • publishing it so it goes to ‘all the places’
  • writing the podcast episode post on here, and including images and links
  • sharing on social media on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest
  • writing and sending the email newsletter
  • follow-up with the guest so they can share and publicise their episode widely too.

Crikey! When I look at this list, there is a lot to do.

BUT I love doing it and get a lot of enjoyment from growing my circle of new guests and stitchery friends and of course getting to know loads of lovely listeners too. As I have shared in a couple of episodes previously, I do however need to generate revenue from doing all this work, and after 4 years that is LONG OVERDUE!

I will introduce some form of advertising opportunity for guests and relevant businesses.

However, this was the first easy step.

I get frequent emails and shoutouts on social media from listeners who really love Stitchery Stories.

You tell me how inspiring it is. How comforting it is in times of stress and loneliness. And you ask me if it is possible to make a donation to help support Stitchery Stories. You love it, and you want to show your appreciation with a donation.

I’ve set it up in the most simple way possible. I have added a page to the website menu called DONATE. And that page has a Donate button. It’s using the facility within PayPal to create a button for several different reasons, and accepting donations is included. You go through the different options and then are given a link that you can share, as well as some code that you simple embed onto a page, blog post, whatever. I also added a donate button to the Fan Club page too.

And here it is again 🙂

If you would like to donate to help keep Stitchery Stories alive and kicking, providing entertainment and inspiration to embroidery and textile art fans then that would be WONDERFUL. Thank you 🙂

So that’s it. Job done! And it’s time to treat myself with some relaxing embroidery now.

Goodbye office, computer and screens. I’m outta here.