Sarah Cross Stitchery Stories Textile Art Podcast Wide Art

Textile Artist Sarah Cross shares her life in fabric and threads. Having chosen teaching as her career path, Sarah has taught art based textiles and fine art in a variety of school for 20 years. However, she has continued to learn skills, experiment with techniques and create her own pieces grabbing time where she can! A recent TV appearance on BBC1’s ‘Home Is Where The Art Is’ has really boosted her confidence and commissions and her dream of a garden studio is now coming to fruition.

Susan Weeks chats with Sarah about:

  • Being ‘on the telly’
  • Taking a teaching path for her creative skills
  • Who needs to pass needlework exams anyway?
  • Always learning new techniques and ideas throughout her career
  • Push outside of our comfort zone and reap the benefits
  • The excitement of a long awaited garden studio
  • Developing confidence in oneself and ones abilities
  • Working on a Catwalk show for London Fashion Week
  • Using heat-mould-able polyester to create shapes and structures
  • Do workshops make you feel sick…..

And so much more!

Sarah Cross Stitchery Stories Podcast Guest