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Sharon Boggon embraced the internet back in 1996 and has been an inspiring leader in embroidery both online and offline, for many years. She has a passion for building enriching communities of stitchers and strives to keep embroidery alive.

Sharon reminds us how difficult it was in the early internet days to make and share images and create web pages, and tells the story of how her online stitch directory has developed from such technologically trying times.

Fast forward to 2020 and Sharon is still building communities, it’s much easier with Facebook! As well as continuing to push forward the creativity of hand embroidery stitches with her second book coming out in November 2020. YAY.

Sharon Boggon Stitchery Stories Podcast Guest

Susan Weeks chats with Sharon Boggon about:

  • 2020 crazy quilt challenge
  • writing her second book on creative contemporary embroidery
  • taking time to reflect on a change of focus and direction
  • being a stitching ‘sticky beak’
  • being very busy online in many formats
  • blogging since 2004
  • an early internet pioneer of online learning and participation
  • learning HTML in 1996… and…
  • of course no digital cameras then either 🙁
  • creating community and groups to add richness to our lives
  • the internet is a lifeline for stitchers isolated by location or ill-health
  • running busy Facebook groups
  • keeping embroidery alive through Take A Stitch Tuesday TAST
  • encouraging us to play with and alter stitches
  • highlight where a stitch can be ‘played with’
  • learning from early crazy quilt disasters
  • there is no ‘less is more’ in crazy quilting!




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