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Justine Warner is inspired by the beautiful Yorkshire countryside on her doorstep and has developed a distinctive style for the textile art landscapes she creates. She works under the brand Pearl Loves Paisley.

She loves to experiment with different techniques and materials. A VERY surprising and very important element in her work is… patterned men’s ties. Yes, stripey, spotty, and particularly paisley. When you look closely you can see those patterns hiding in plain sight in her atmospheric landscapes of woods and rolling hills.

Justine shares her inspiration, techniques and her story of how she has developed her art practice alongside being a busy secondary school teacher.

Susan Weeks chats with Justine Warner about:

  • Her love of recycling – even old photographic plates
  • Renovating old stables into a lovely new studio
  • Hiding patterned men’s ties in plain sight in her landscapes
  • Oooooo winning a prize at the village show as a total newcomer!
  • Creating landscapes inspired by the local scenery
  • Blending the patterns, textures and richness of the ties
  • The delights of the village Jumble Sale
  • What to do with all the labels from all those ties?
  • Using Tyvek, Lutrador, painting on Bondaweb, and burning back the layers
  • It’s hard to know where to start capturing the beauty and variety of the Yorkshire landscape
  • Having a love hate relationship with seed beads
  • Practical solutions developed by trial and error
  • Creating personal connections combining a loved ones ties and their favourite view
  • Juggling school teaching and her own art practice development
  • Setting up Zoom online workshops
  • When we love what we are doing, it doesn’t ever feel like hard work!
  • Who is Pearl and why does she love Paisley???

Justine Warner Stitchery Stories Podcast Guest

Visit: https://www.justinewarnerartist.com/

Like: https://www.facebook.com/JustineWarnerArtist/

Look: https://www.instagram.com/pearl_loves_paisley/

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