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Claire Fell is a machine embroidery artist who believes that textile art is a haven from the harsh realities of what we call modern life! She has recently written her first book ‘Machine Embroidery – Techniques and Projects’ and Claire shares her story of how her ‘creative outburst’ came into being, and the creative adventure she enjoyed along the way. In fact Claire’s whole creative career is a fascinating string of serendipity as she learnt to listen to that inner voice and take action.

The strong theme running through Claire’s story however is one of determination to keep going and to follow her dream, taking tough but necessary decisions along the way.

Claire Fell Stitchery Stories Podcast Guest






Susan Weeks chats with Claire about:

  • Settling down and feeling drained after her book
  • Learning to value herself as an artist and to stop putting herself last.
  • The power of enrolling in a local business course
  • Developing the courage to move forward
  • Almost giving up with embroidery
  • Keeping going through the turmoil of our lives
  • How do we choose between work, our health, and our art
  • The challenge of planning and creating her book so it reflected her vision
  • Starting her embroidery career in ecclesiastical embroidery
  • Needing the motivation of having a goal to aim for
  • Finding her creative focus and confidence
  • Using water soluble film to transfer designs for machine embroidery
  • UFO’s breeding everywhere in the house, and even in the shed!
  • The unfinished face….
  • Why no-one likes the sound of their own voice, so DON’T let it stop you!

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Read: Machine Embroidery Techniques and Projects from The Crowood Press



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