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Emma Broughton shares her life in fabric & thread on the Stitchery Stories embroidery podcast. Emma is a classically trained hand embroidery artist with a real passion for designing and making embroidered boxes. So much so that she is the author of a new book launching April 2019 simply called “Embroidered Boxes”.

Emma shares her story of being inspired by goldwork embroidery at a young age, and of being determined to follow embroidery as her career. And you will be amazed when she shares her story of how her book became a reality.

Susan Weeks chats with Emma about:

    • Deciding to write a book on embroidered boxes
    • How long did it take from proposal to contract?
    • Encouragement from a creative and inspiring mum
    • What sparked the determination to study at the RSN
    • Developing a complimentary range of skills
    • The joy of lifelong learning
    • Enjoying the challenge of box making
    • A range of gorgeous techniques
    • Using her book as a catalyst to launch her business
    • and so much more.

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