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Loetitia Gibier shares her life in fabric & thread on the Stitchery Stories embroidery podcast. Loetitia is French but has made the UK her home and is a hand embroidery artist, and tutor, who also designs kits for sale.

Loetitia shares her fascinating story, and the good things that have happened to her embroidery career since she decided to be brave and ‘get out there’. An inspiring example of what can happen when you make the decision to stop hiding and start reaching out for opportunities.

Susan Weeks chats with Loetitia about:

  • Designing kits and projects for advanced skills as well as beginners
  • What is a Korrigan?
  • Learning embroidery in a weekend 🙂
  • Is it cool to be into embroidery when you are a student?
  • Discovering cross-stitch
  • And discovering The Embroiderer’s Guild
  • Bingeing on embroidery classes at Missenden Abbey
  • Taking a leap of courage and putting herself ‘out there’
  • Becoming an Embroiderer’s Guild Trustee
  • Why did Loetitia throw her embroidery into the garden???
  • The joy (and stress?) of entering competitions
  • A very unusual collaboration…
  • and so much more.

Loetitia Gibier Stitchery Stories Podcast Guest

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