Stitchery Stories Textile Art Podcast is on summer holiday

Firstly, an apology!

Yes, the podcast episodes just disappeared, didn’t they?

I took the May half-term holiday off, then 2 or 3 scheduled guest interviews got postponed for one reason or another.

I was also VERY busy with paid client work creating an online training course on audio and video editing, as well as a pile of other stuff and I’m sorry to say the podcast just got pushed back in the list of priorities.

So, I was left with no episodes, and no time to organise or record and produce any more at that time.

As you might know, I run my own business, and I am a single mum with a (nearly!) 14 year old boy so I try and keep school holidays reasonably free so I can spend time with my son, and also keep up with any essential client tasks and projects. So the podcast does tend to take a back seat in holiday times anyway.

I had already been planning a summer holiday hiatus – it just came earlier than I had planned!

Secondly, a BIG thank you

I didn’t even get round to sending out the ‘Fan Club’ newsletter, or posting on social media.

I have done that now, so I suppose we could say ‘better late than never’ 😉

However, I have been amazed and so thankful for the lovely messages and emails that I received, checking if I was OK, saying you were missing the podcast, and did I need a hug?

WOW – how lovely and thoughtful. You have no idea how encouraging such messages are 🙂

Over 25,000 Downloads…

And whilst I wasn’t looking, Stitchery Stories quietly went past the milestone of over 25,000 downloads since launch last Summer.

WOW, that’s over 25,000 someone has listened to an episode or downloaded one to listen later. Thank You!

More Thanks…

When I quietly launched this podcast last summer I wasn’t sure what the response would be. I’m heartened that so many of you have found this podcast and enjoy it so much! I am also greatly pleased that for many of you, this has been the first podcast you have ever listened to, and I know that this has also been the first podcast that the majority of my guests have been a guest on. So let’s thank them for having courage to try something new and share their stories with such grace, style and above all, HUMOUR.

Stitchery Stories Will Be Back In September

So I will be back in September. I have some great guests lined up, have some interview dates in the diary, and I am looking forward to getting started again with season 2.

And in the meantime, have a lovely summer of stitchery fun.

Sue xxx