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Podcaster Susan Weeks celebrates that her embroidery and textile art podcast is two years old this week.

Susan shares some of the backstory around her textile art podcast and talks about her entertaining, inspiring and courageous guests, all fabulous and skilled textile artists and embroidery artists. 

Of course plenty of thanks are in order and Susan also has some questions for you, and highlights some ideas for the future.

Susan Weeks Stitchery Stories Podcast Host

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And you can discover more about Susan Weeks, and her various online ‘hats’ in these places:

https://virtualityworks.com (Online Technology Trainer)


In case you haven’t gone back through the archives then why not revisit those first 3 episodes?

Alison Larkin: Historical Hand Embroidery  and Costume Historian

Jane White: Tuition In Couture Dressmaking & Pattern Cutting

Susie Martin: Mixed Media Artist Creating Textile Art

and Susan also mentions FreelanceUniversity where she was a mentor for a couple of years, answering questions on a daily basis about may aspects of Freelancer life, business challenges and content marketing and content development. She has gradually moved into a training role for FreelanceU and last month moved from being a mentor to focussing on creating online training courses in a range of technical subjects.