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Today on the Stitchery Stories podcast, Laura Bray shares her life in fabric & thread. Laura has run her own business for many years, firstly as a business consultant, and currently enjoying her creative business built around embroidery, fabric and crafts.

Laura shares plenty of great stories around her embroidery and creative business, and ‘cos Sue loves all things online digital marketing, we also had a good chat about social media, Pinterest and managing our creative time. Laura has a couple of very interesting projects on the go too – come and have a listen to discover more about them!

Susan Weeks chats with Laura about:

  • Making new connections through stitching
  • Social Media Detox
  • Building a creative business
  • Using Pinterest in a strategic way
  • Investing time into blogging & newsletters
  • Who loves French Knots?
  • Why is Laura going to her local seed library?
  • Does everything have to be for sale
  • Increasing creativity & beating procrastination
  • and so much more.

Laura Bray Stitchery Stories Podcast Guest

Examples of Laura’s work below links.