Today on the Stitchery Stories textile art and embroidery podcast, we have a different story and guest for you! My guest is Liz Burton, a corporate fashion designer, currently employed as Design Manager at Incorporatewear, a specialist corporate fashion and workwear company, based in Birmingham.

Liz shares her story of fashion design, and we focus on the variety and challenges involved with designing successful corporate fashion.

Sue shares her TWO hideous corporate clothing stories, and let’s be clear, there was nothing at all fashionable, or even nice, about the 2 work uniforms she has worn in her life!

Susan Weeks chats with Liz about:

  • Her love for fashion from a young age
  • Developing her career in fashion
  • An interesting range of clothing design challenges
  • The key aspects of successful corporate fashion design
  • The steps involved in designing corporate clothing
  • How to keep everyone happy….
  • Fabric design and performance
  • Sustainable fashion

and much more…

Liz Burton Stitchery Stories Podcast Guest

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