Today on the Stitchery Stories textile art and embroidery podcast, we have a subject for embroidery that you may find rather unusual, and intriguing. This episode also features our first guest from outside of the UK.

My guest is Adrian Cronos, from the USA East Coast, who creates embroidery inspired by the ancient art of Japanese rope bondage known as Shibari. Adrian shares her story with us how she was inspired when 2 very different worlds collided… her early and long standing love of embroidery, and seeing images of shibori. She wondered if she could create art with these 2 subjects. And yes of course, she has done.

Susan Weeks chats with Adrian about:

  • Learning embroidery from her grandma & YouTube
  • What is Shibari
  • Where do her source images come from
  • Consent, in art, in images, and in Shibari
  • A very powerful and moving artistic highlight
  • Helping her family to understand her choices and celebrate her art
  • Managing her creative time and her busy full-time job
  • and much more…

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