Today on the Stitchery Stories textile art and embroidery podcast, my guest is Helen McCook, an artisan hand embroiderer.

Helen shares her story with us of purpose and direction as she realised that she wanted to create her career around her love of embroidery. Helen has worked on many high profile embroidery and textile related projects, and has now opened her own textile teaching school from her base in Birmingham.

Susan Weeks chats with Helen about:

  • A new book in the works
  • Launching the ‘Traditional Textiles School’
  • Being very clear what an embroidery project contains, particularly time and budget constraints
  • The influence of her sporty family on her career progression
  • A pivotal conversation whilst at University
  • The Royal School Of Needlework
  • A Royal Wedding
  • Embroidery and the visually impaired and much more…
Helen McCook Stitchery Stories Podcast Guest

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