Sarah Rakestraw: Glorious Goldwork Embroidery Supplies, Kits & Classes

Today on the Stitchery Stories textile art and embroidery podcast, Sarah Rakestraw shares her story in fabric and gold threads! She is the founder and owner of Golden Hinde Goldwork, a specialist embroidery brand selling goldwork embroidery supplies, kits and also offering classes.

Sarah shares how she spotted an opportunity to grow her mum’s love of goldwork into a family business. She was training to be a chartered accountant at the time. With her love of goldwork, and her head for business, and a lot of hard work, Golden Hinde Goldwork has flourished.

Susan Weeks chats with Sarah about:

  • The excitement of her Goldwork embroidery book being published
  • The benefit of goldwork kits as a way to develop skills
  • Why cross-stitch is an excellent starting point for embroidery
  • The range of wires and thread available for goldwork
  • It doesn’t have to be worked in Gold!
  • Couching & Beading… we can all do that can’t we?
  • Enjoying meeting embroidery enthusiasts at the shows
  • Making banners embellished with goldwork
  • Building up the range of supplies stocked by Golden Hinde
  • Expanding into blackwork and whitework
  • Buying other embroidery supplies related businesses
  • Encouraging & supporting beginners to develop goldwork skills

and much more…

Sarah Rakestraw Stitchery Stories Textile Art Podcast Guest

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