Today on the Stitchery Stories textile art and embroidery podcast, Sarah Rakestraw shares her story in fabric and gold threads! She is the founder and owner of Golden Hinde Goldwork, a specialist embroidery brand selling goldwork embroidery supplies, kits and also offering classes.

Sarah shares how she spotted an opportunity to grow her mum’s love of goldwork into a family business. She was training to be a chartered accountant at the time. With her love of goldwork, and her head for business, and a lot of hard work, Golden Hinde Goldwork has flourished.

Susan Weeks chats with Sarah about:

  • The excitement of her Goldwork embroidery book being published
  • The benefit of goldwork kits as a way to develop skills
  • Why cross-stitch is an excellent starting point for embroidery
  • The range of wires and thread available for goldwork
  • It doesn’t have to be worked in Gold!
  • Couching & Beading… we can all do that can’t we?
  • Enjoying meeting embroidery enthusiasts at the shows
  • Making banners embellished with goldwork
  • Building up the range of supplies stocked by Golden Hinde
  • Expanding into blackwork and whitework
  • Buying other embroidery supplies related businesses
  • Encouraging & supporting beginners to develop goldwork skills

and much more…

Sarah Rakestraw Stitchery Stories Textile Art Podcast Guest

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