Today on the Stitchery Stories embroidery and textile art podcast, two members of York Textile Artists share their story of forming a new group.

The group was formed by uniting 8 textile artists around the city of York who had all exhibited at York Open Studios in April 2018. An early guest of Stitchery Stories, Bridgette Bernadette Karn has been a major instigator of the group.

The group aim to not only support each other in creating textile art but also to act as a force for change in promoting the value of Textile Arts.

Susan Weeks chats with Carol Coleman & Alison Spaven about:

  • How the group became established
  • The aims and mission of the group
  • The members and their areas of expertise
  • The challenges of setting up a group
  • Do they spend time together as a group?
  • The journey to getting a group bank account
  • The excitement of their forthcoming exhibition 10th & 11th November

and much more…

York Textile Artists Stitchery Stories Textile Art Podcast Guest

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10th & 11th November 2018, 10am to 4pm

York Cemetery Chapel, Cemetery Road, York

York Open Studios 2019

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