Louise Gardiner: Contemporary Embroidery, Capes, Poufs, Scarves

Today on the Stitchery Stories embroidery and textile art podcast, Louise Gardiner shares her life in fabric & thread.

Louise specialises in contemporary embroidery, particularly complex machine embroidered applique, with great detail, plenty of beads and texture.

Louise has recently worked on some high profile projects, including the Pukka Herbs Cape of Empowerment, and her Instagram initiated Stitch-A-Cloud. She also extends her work, using her embroidery designs to create beautiful velvet poufs and luxurious silk scarves. These items are essential additions to her business.

Susan Weeks chats with Louise about:

  • Her love of complex applique, machine embroidery & beading
  • Creating The Cape of Empowerment commissioned by Pukka Herbs
  • The emotional response experienced by it’s wearers
  • The popularity of her Instagram #stitchacloud project
  • Having the courage to say No and to create space for something else
  • The ups and downs of freelancer life
  • Extending artwork into other saleable products
  • Supporting creativity and artisans
  • The excitement of exhibiting at RHS Chelsea Flower Show
  • and much more…

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About the Author
This embroidery and textile art blog and podcast are created and produced by Susan Weeks.