Natalie Dupuis shares her life in fabric & thread on the Stitchery Stories embroidery podcast. Natalie shares her determined steps from being a teacher of children to being a teacher of goldwork embroidery, and a designer of unique goldwork embroidery kits.

Susan Weeks chats with Natalie about:

    • The benefits of kits for trying new things
    • Developing goldwork embroidery kits with unique designs
    • Steampunk meets goldwork
    • Step by step to building her 2nd career
    • Learning perseverance from toddlers
    • The importance of teaching skills in addition to embroidery skills
    • Developing an interest in Japanese embroidery
    • When can you call yourself a designer?
    • The story of the wonky wheel
    • Are you sitting comfortably & healthily
    • ‘Stealing’ pieces of time to be creative
    • and so much more.




Other organisations mentioned:

San Francisco School Of Needlework & Design

Embroiderer’s Guild Of America

Embroiderer’s Association Of Canada