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Danielle Balfoort shares her life in fabric & thread on the Stitchery Stories textile art podcast.

Danielle shares her steps on her journey as an embroidery entrepreneur. After being made redundant from her office job, Danielle decided to go for it and launch her dream of creating a business around her passion for embroidery.

Susan Weeks chats with Danielle about:

    • Developing abstract embroidery pieces from mood board inspirations.
    • The delights of a studio in a workspace with other creatives
    • Discovering embroidery and learning tambour embroidery
    • Preparing for her first exhibition
    • Being brave and doing this podcast ­čÖé
    • The balance between doing embroidery and developing a business
    • Building a global network of embroidery friends

and so much more.

Danielle Balfoort Stitchery Stories Podcast Guest

For this episode… View Show Notes, Links & Examples of Danielle’s work at https://www.stitcherystories.com/daniellebalfoort

Visit: website is under development at the moment

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