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Fabric sculpture artist Mary-Ann Toop is the guest today on the Stitchery Stories podcast. Mary-Ann shares her story of leaving her civil engineering career, battling depression and starting her fascinating creative journey. Mary-Ann is determined to make her soft fabric sculptures move – and is particularly fascinated by flight… it’s the engineer in her creeping out again!

Susan Weeks chats with Mary-Ann about:

  • Experimenting with automata
  • Making her stitched creations move
  • Starting a creative journey to see what she could do
  • Trying to be creative every day
  • How creativity help battle depression and ill-health
  • The benefits of becoming immersed in small repetitive  movements like embroidery
  • Exploring Pinterest… and discovering that textiles and embroidery can be art
  • Who is Concordia?
  • A fascination with flight
  • Evolving techniques using wire, clay, fabric, embroidery
  • The story of the nightshirt and the gargoyl
  • And so much more!

Mary-Ann Toop Stitchery Stories Podcast Guest

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