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Today on the Stitchery Stories textile art podcast, textile artist Tracey Coverley shares her story of leaving the railway industry and turning her fine art skills into creating textile art portraits of iconic figures from music and film.

She works under her brand, “Handmade In Horwich End”.

Susan Weeks chats (and laughs a lot) with Tracey Coverley about:

  • One day a face appeared in fabric and thread
  • What do you grab first when you get evacuated?
  • Why a queue of traffic is perfect for getting commissions
  • Who buys the dolls?
  • The differences between Instagram & Facebook for getting work
  • The importance of social media for artists
  • Inspirations from film and music icons
  • Developing her technique and style
  • Her most exciting commission
  • Tracey’s unique way of keeping an eye on her UFO’s
  • The magic of deadlines!

and much more…

Tracey Coverley Stitchery Stories Podcast Guest




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