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Stacey Jones creates colourful, modern, abstract hand embroidery art. Her work powerfully reflects her thoughts & emotions through her life experiences.

Stacey shares her story of how her life with her husband has strongly informed her embroidery designs, particularly his illness, tragic death and her mourning process as she evolves into living alone. Embroidery has been a massive help to Stacey, and she shares stories and wisdom around the power of creativity in such situations.

This is a fascinating conversation about developing themes, ideas, inspirations, designs, colour and stitch.

Stacey Jones guest artist on Stitchery Stories embroidery podcast

Susan Weeks chats with Stacey Jones about:

  • Using sunflowers as an enduring symbol of hope, strength and inspiration.
  • The impact of mood & emotions on choosing a colour palette to work with.
  • Considering ‘the spaces in-between’ and developing art around that concept.
  • Inspiration from galaxies to the spaces in-between seeds.
  • Finding comfort in repetitive processes & stitching.
  • Learning some new hand embroidery techniques, goldwork, tambour embroidery.
  • Going to cool life drawing classes with neon painted models.
  • The luxury of creating work purely for herself.
  • Finding freedom in reposting her abstract hand embroidery archive.
  • Exciting plans for the future.
  • Representing calm breath work with embroidery.
  • Ways to spark creativity when you are feeling stuck.
  • and so much more!

For this episode…


The Hand & Lock embroidered arts exhibition 2021

Sarcoma UK The bone & soft tissue cancer charity

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