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Elizabeth Griffiths is a mixed media artist using hand embroidery, lino print-making, inks and watercolours to explore a range of themes. She shares the uplifting experience (and challenge!) of using hand embroidery as a competitor in Sky TV Portrait Artist Of The Year.

We dive behind the scenes!

Who was her portrait subject? How was it organised?

What was it like trying to compete using hand embroidery against ‘paper & paint’ artists?

This was just one of a number of events that have made 2022 a rollercoaster of a year for Elizabeth, and we chat about how these events have affected her art and creativity.

Elizabeth Griffiths guest artist on Stitchery Stories textile art podcast

Susan Weeks chats with Elizabeth Griffiths about:

  • Exploring mixed-media – lino prints, inks, watercolours – with hand embroidery
  • The excitement of taking part in Sky Portrait Artist Of The Year
  • How to use embroidery in a time limited, live, portrait competition
  • Keeping true to her style
  • Using mixed media to trigger embroidery
  • Why Elizabeth put away her needles & thread for a while
  • Do silk paints go off, we wondered?
  • Evolving our art as we also evolve
  • Using our art to cope with stress
  • Having her 1st solo exhibition
  • When everything happens at once…

and so much more!

For this episode… View Links, information & Examples of Elizabeth’s work

Look: https://www.instagram.com/lizgstitches

Sky Portrait Artist Of The Year 2022

General Office Art Gallery In Stourbridge

Oh and for a laugh…

Sue mentioned that her portrait drawing attempts were like those of internet star ‘Pet Portraits By Hercule’

Here is a BBC article about Hercule…

Pet Portraits By Hercule

Instagram: @portraitsbyhercule

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