Floriane Schmitt loves to experiment with creative fabric manipulation ideas. Under her brand name of FloHomeDesign she creates accessories and home decor items from smocked neoprene and is writing a fabric manipulation book, due out end 2023.

Floriane shares her story of how her dream of a career in fashion evolved into specialising in fabric manipulation and creating her own collections bringing a very modern twist on some traditional Canadian Smocking techniques with very modern materials. Neoprene + Smocking = Neosmock

Floriane has packed a lot of experience into her education and career so far, topped off by her fabulous story behind the fabric manipulation book she is writing at time of recording (Oct 2022). This is an inspiring story of ‘going for it, making opportunities, and of saying Yes!

Susan Weeks chats with Floriane Schmitt about:

  • A chance comment on Instagram that led to a book writing deal
  • The structure and challenges of creating her book
  • Don’t be afraid to show your work
  • Using Instagram as a quicker way to showcase your skills and work
  • Making a major pivot from fashion design to fabric manipulation designer
  • Creating her accessories and home decor collections and brand
  • Giving a traditional technique an interesting twist with modern materials
  • Her inspiring internship
  • Innovation with new fabrics and creative fabric manipulation techniques
  • You can’t keep the creativity flowing for endless hours
  • and so much more!

For this episode…

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