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Cath Janes is an award-winning human anatomical embroidery artist.

She now works under her own name, having moved on from using Kraken Kreations, but regardless of the name you may have found her under, she combines anatomically correct illustrations with colourful hand embroidery which all have a story to tell.

Cath shares her honest and hilarious story of the ups and downs of the creative life of an artist, and her unique and distinctive art. There is so much entertainment as well as valuable creative business lessons contained within this episode of the Stitchery Stories textile art and embroidery podcast.

Maybe you dream of going viral on Instagram, worry about being artistically lonely, or struggle to set boundaries and price your art?

You will certainly find some inspiration and hard-earned experience today. Oh, and have a right good laugh too!

Cath Janes guest artist on Stitchery Stories textile art podcast

Susan Weeks chats with Cath Janes about:

  • Joys & frustrations of commissions
  • Inspiring stories behind her anatomical embroidery commissions
  • Her commissioned hoops are often part of a healing process
  • Importance & prevalence of medical illustrations
  • What is ‘false colour’
  • The surprising catalyst for becoming an anatomical embroiderer
  • Anyone else love dissecting things?
  • Dealing with artistic loneliness and finding your tribe
  • What really happens when a ‘reel’ video goes ‘viral’ on Instagram
  • Balancing commercial pressures with artistic urges

and so much more!




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